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Pantheon in terms of Platos work essays

Pantheon in terms of Plato's work essays Pantheon in terms of Platos philosophy. Pantheon is a great building of a roman empire. Emerged in the time of Marcus Vipsanius Agrippa , totally rebuilt in the time of Emperor Hadrian, and it was perhaps one of the most major of his rebuilding projects. Hadrian was a great admirer of a Greek culture, especially of its Hellenistic period. In the time of Hellenism Greek Culture reached the peak of realism and spirituality, and the Pantheon is the logical evidence of realism and spirituality that are crossing over. The latter rationalistic Plato would probably hardly accept. He would, in fact, appreciate the careful human thought, engineering and mathematical calculation upon which the Pantheon emerged. In the calculative terms, Pantheon is a triumph of people knowledge and of a human intelligence. It also promotes human as capable individual. In emotional or spiritual terms, Pantheon was dedicated to the connection between people and gods. It is questionable how Plato would react to Pantheon in terms of his philosophy, and in particular in terms of the ,, simile of divided line. On one hand It is interesting how the architecture of this unique building corresponds with Greek Classical standards and Platos philosophy. Plato refers to the Good as the light that evokes humans vision and help to activate our senses. Accordingly to Plato, we need a light in order to see forms, and it is not enough for us to have vision and the objects around us. In Republic Plato refers to the light as the source of Good: ,,If the eyes have a power of site, and its possessor tries to use this power, and if objects have color, yet you know that he will see nothing and the colors will remain invisible unless a third element is present which is specifically and naturally adapted for the purpose. In other words the source of light at the top of Pantheon symbolizes the source of knowledge. ...

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War on Drugs Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

War on Drugs - Research Paper Example This paper is a critical examination of the war on drugs in the United States and its effects in the country. Narcotics are a wide range of illegal drugs that are primarily used to influence and change the behavior or mood of the user. Chemically, narcotics are opium derivatives and they include drugs such morphine, heroin, cocaine, codeine among others (Roy, 41). Opiates and cocaine are the most valuable and profitable narcotics in the underworld economy. Narcotics are highly addictive, and they mainly function on the brain and the central nervous system where they reduce the intensity of unpleasant feelings such as pain and could produce euphoric sensations. In medicine, morphine, which is narcotic drug, is widely used to reduce chronic pain. Others narcotics applied in medicine include codeine and oxycodone for relieving pain in patients. Due to the addictive nature of these medically applied narcotics, the abuse of the prescription drugs is a growing concern in the United States (Acker, 57-69). History of Narcotics in United States Narcotics have an ancient history that dates back to the earliest civilization in Greece, Sumeria, Egypt and India among others. to Roy, opium, which is obtained from the poppy plant, played a major role in prehistoric medicine and pharmacy. The drug was mainly used for inducing sleep and as a general painkiller. In addition, the addictive and euphoric properties of opium encouraged people to use it as a recreational drug. The potent properties of opium increased its demand in the world and by 17th century, commercial production and trade in the drug was already established in the European continent. ... By eighteenth century, trade in opium was a very profitable venture because an increasing number of people had become addicted to the drug (72-96). The use of opium was no longer restricted to the rich and it soon became a commodity for mass consumption. Consequently, opium became an important source of revenue for various countries especially in Asia and Atlantic region. The main source of opium in United States in 20th century was China (Zabludoff, 49). Currently the main producers and suppliers of opiate drugs are Colombia, Mexico, Afghanistan and Pakistan (Chepesiuk, 68). Acker classifies the history of narcotics use in the United States in three distinct periods, from 1860 to 1910, 1910 to 1950 and from 1950 to the present (63). In the United States, the period from 1860 to 1910 was characterized by the outbreak of the civil war, which started in 1861 and ended in 1865. During the war, large-scale use of narcotics was noted among the combatants (Acker, 105). The medicinal and ad dictive properties of the drug elicited intensive research from pharmaceutical companies such as the giant pharmaceutical company Bayer. In 1874, chemists from Bayer successfully isolated heroin from morphine. During the period, addiction to morphine had become a major concern in Europe and United States. A growing number of people had become dependant on the drug, resulting to low productivity and increasing level of crime (Roy, 38). Therefore, the medical fraternity hoped that heroin, would cure morphine addiction. The successful synthesis of heroin from morphine well received in the market and the narcotic was promoted as â€Å"a wonder drug† (Musto, 55). The commercial promotion

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The Brain All You AreIs Here Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

The Brain All You AreIs Here - Essay Example Through the use of fMRI, which is a non-invasive scan as compared to the X-ray, brain tumors are detected. It can also detect brain activities such as blood flow which is helpful recognizing brain activity according to the article. The article also suggests that the prefrontal cortex contains the sense of â€Å"self† in the young child. But as people mature, this â€Å"self† maybe located in different regions of the brain especially when higher order thinking skills are involved. Synapses also play a crucial role in brain development since they are points of contact during the exchanges of neurons firing to one another. These synapses grow or develop inside the brain of a fetus. Long-term memories are believed to be stored in the hippocampus ( part of limbic system) which is not yet fully developed on a child. Likewise, the amygdala can also hold â€Å"highly emotional memories† ( The Mind,p.12). Interestingly a research made by the NIMH in Maryland reveals that is during puberty period that the brain experiences another round of growth. The basic functions as well as sensory processing usually develops first in the extreme back and front portions of the brain. Next to develop in the parietal lobes of the brain are language functions and spatial orientation. This is also the reason why curriculum in the educational system is attuned to the level of development of the brain. Students in lower levels cannot process higher thinking activities unless their brain is developed. Last to develop is the prefrontal cortex where most decision making are processed. This meant weighing alternatives , making short term plans or even checking one’s self on e thical conduct is involved. Indeed, such complex mental functions can only be given to mature individuals. This just attests to the fact that people’s brain gradually develop and mature through adulthood. Aside from experiencing development, certain

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Visual Arts Essay Example for Free

Visual Arts Essay Every human being has a significant innate characteristic of being artistic in nature originating from his or her humanistic aspect. In this concept, every single individual has the ability to express him or herself through any form of artistic manifestations and on the other hand, also has the ability to view and recognize different forms of artistic expression. This idea is mainly because the very essence of existing as a human being is fully realizing their innate human behaviors of emotional manifestations and expression. Thus, the concept of humanistic art form as a means of expressions and communication of expression is born. In the general course of humanistic art form, the aspect of visual arts commonly roused much enthusiasm and recognition. The aspect of visual art expression usually manifest in the style of appealing to the basic humanistic senses of the human society particularly the sense of sight wherein one uses a concrete way of expressing him or herself to the society. In this form of artistic expression, the visual artist contemplate and transform his or her personal abstract emotions into a concrete form to captivate the interest and emotions of the public enabling them to realize the humanistic and artistic beauty in any chosen specific events. This concept commonly expressed in different fields such as through painting, music, theater, dance and others. In each of the mentioned visual art discipline, each one of them has their own mode of expression significantly characterized by the general theme of their respective discipline. For the field of painting, visual artists use expression mediums such as the most common namely the oil painting wherein the artist use oil-based ink or dye to create an art piece. Another is through using watercolor, which is basically similar to the oil-based medium but only cheaper and more accessible. Other uses spray painting medium employing either or both of the previously mentioned mediums. In addition, another style that is common is using charcoal, which produces sketches of monochromatic color. In this discipline, different mediums of expression are used to bearing similar elements of the said discipline namely color, shade, perspective, hue, contrast, texture, and others, which are all important in emphasizing the thematic aspect of the artwork. For the discipline of music, several styles are commonly used such as the classical that is in relation to the socio-cultural aspect. Another is the ballad or romantic theme, which is more focused on the emotional aspect of the art. In addition, there is the discipline of the jazz and blues manifesting more on the emotional and smooth music for relaxation. In the modern discipline comes the rock music employing contemporary musical instruments and some traditional. In this field, the artistic impression is basically based on three general elements namely the pitch, rhythm, and quality. Pitch which is through melody and harmony, rhythm through meter and tempo, and sound quality through texture, dynamics, articulation, and timbre. For the drama or the theatrical visual art is presented in different styles or genre. One of which is the musical theatre employing musical and dance elements in the presentation. Another is pantomime, which manifest in different forms and characteristic namely puppetry, slapstick and melodrama. Another is the tragedy, which presents the sorrowful and terrible events in a social icon’s life wherein the moral value of the experience is highlighted in the one. In addition, the drama also comes in the form of the opera, which is generally presented through singing. In this discipline, different important elements are used to create a thematic artistic presentation. Some of these elements are the character, plot, theme, dialogue, convention, genre, audience, design, and the stagecraft or the props. The discipline of dance also has its own mediums of artistic expression namely the interpretative employing visual presentation with relative musical attributes. The folk dance which is related to traditional dance methods. The ballet dance, which is focused on the gracefulness of the expression to symbolize its theme. In addition, the modern dance which represents the present society and their contemporary culture. In this discipline, artists employ several elements in their artistic expression namely the tempo or speed of the dance, the gracefulness or the texture of the movements, choreography, and the uniformity for group presentation. Thus, visual art is generally expression of humanistic emotions manifested through using different forms of disciplines. In each of these disciplines, the visual artists employ a particular style of mode of expression to emphasize the main theme or the particular idea of their artistic visual presentation thus capturing better the enthusiasm and emotional interest of their general audience. In employing a particular mode of expression style, the target audience can also better understand and realize the main theme of the presented visual art through relating it to the discipline used and the particular expression style that is applied. Through applying the mentioned visual art elements, the aspect of communication between the artist and the general audience can be bridged significantly promoting the thematic expression between the two. Bibliography Levi, Albert Smith, Ralph (1991). Art Education: Disciplines of Art Education, Context of Understanding. University of Illinois, USA. ISBN-10: 0252061853.

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Fenstads Mother :: essays papers

Fenstads Mother In Fenstad’s Mother, by Charles Baxter, character is a very essential element to the story. The main character, Harry Fenstad, is a complicated person, but it is his mother, Mrs. Clara Fenstad, who I feel is a more important and complex person. In this brief paper, I will explain why it is my opinion that both of these characters play a crucial role in the story by complementing and developing each other’s character. Fenstad career is a brochure writer, but he also teaches an extension English-composition class at the downtown campus of the state university. He attends church regularly, and his passion is ice skating. I know that these may seem like simple ways to describe a character I have referred to as complicated, but there is so much more that lies beneath these plain descriptions. Fenstad says that he likes to teach because â€Å"he liked teaching strangers and because he enjoyed the sense of hope that classrooms held for him† (page 117). Harry seems to be a very distant person in that he likes to be around people who do not really know him. He would much rather be an observer than a very active participant. When he goes ice skating in the beginning of the story, there are a lot of people who are skating, but he can blend right in. He hs a few friends, but they are very similar to Fenstad. They like the same things and have the same attitudes about life. Fenstad does not want to seem to deviate from his own normal way of life. Fenstad’s mother, Clara, is a character quite opposite from her son. She is older and does not get out of her house much. She used to be very active in politics and loves to be around people. She has a kindness and generosity that instantly attracts other people. When she begins to visit Fenstad’s logic class, the students seem to be more interested in what she has to say than in what Fenstad is trying to teach. Mrs. Fenstad is aware and understands her own magnetism and tries not to take too much attention away from her son. The two characters help each other develop throughout the story. Fenstad is a person who is very reluctant to change, whereas his mother is an individual whose mind is always open to new possibilities. It did not surprise me that Mrs.

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News Media

Rena Hermez RWS 100 Prof. Costello Nov. 29, 2009 News Media Media have tremendous power in setting cultural guidelines and in shaping political discourse. It is essential that news media is challenged to be unbiased and truthful. Most many people find news whether on TV, newspaper, or magazines to be politically bias. Michael Parenti, the author of Inventing Reality, asserts that the news can be bias towards political issues by using the â€Å"Methods of Misrepresentation† (Parenti 53). This includes: â€Å"Framing and Labeling†, â€Å"Selectivity and Deliberate Omission†, â€Å"The Greying of Reality†, â€Å"Auxiliary Embellishments†, and â€Å"Placement† (Parenti). These methods are used to serve the private news conglomerates and our country interests instead of the public interests. Therefore, the news content became politically biased. Moreover, the past decade has seen more change in the craft of news media than perhaps any other. Since the news conglomerates took over local papers and stations, news became less relevant and more for entrainment. The more news is entertaining to its audience, the more money for the news conglomerates and the shareholders. Thus, news is not as important to the lives of audience as they once were. The issue of economy is very crucial topic in the U. S. However, many news networks misrepresents the public interest by placing the article in the most secluded pages in the newspaper. For instance, the article, â€Å"Economists question accuracy of picture from economic data†, by New York Times Service, in the San Diego Union Tribune newspaper, discusses how the government’s picture of the economic data has a wide gap from the reality. It also explains why the government miscalculated the data, and gave a brief explanation on how to calculate it correctly. Since this article rectifys the government, San Diego Union Tribune decided to publish it on page A6 with advertising Ads. This is an example of â€Å"Placement† because as important as this issue has been to the public, the San Diego Union Tribune published the story in a place that is hidden from the readers view. Most people would never see it if they were just glossing the pages. According Parenti â€Å"troublesome stories that are not suppressed, ignored [†¦ still can be buried in obscure places. Placement is often used for the greying of reality†(Parenti 58). Another method of misrepresentation that occurs often in the news media is omission. Omission occurs when important information is not reported or is reported incompletely. likewise, Parenti defines it as, â€Å" sometimes the unmentioned includes not just particular details of he s tory but the entire story itself- even ones about major events† (Parenti 54). An example of suppressed issue in the mainstream press is that of the former Vice President Dick Cheney’s speech on October 21, 2009. He gave an important speech about the Center for Security Policy, and it was not televised on any American news or network. Not even Fox News televised this speech. They have, however, posted the speech on their website. Perhaps this deliberate omission of this speech from the news networks occurred because the Bush Administration became less powerful since too many people lost trust in it. Thus, when this particle example was omitted, than we are getting a skewed or biased perspective from Fox News network. Since big conglomerates bought news networks, the definition of â€Å"news† have changed for the past few decades because the profit motives. Before, news was information that is of broad interest to the intended audience. Today, â€Å"news production distortions are of a more political nature and reveal a pattern of bias that favors the dominate class of interests and statist ideology† (Parenti 53). When the president of ABC news was asked â€Å"how has the standard for what qualifies is news has changed because of the pressure profit motives? He responds back by saying it has changed and broadened and not lowered† (News War). An example of â€Å"broaden† news is â€Å"Palin visits Florida town that feted her in 2008† on MSNBC website headline news. This news report made it to the headline not because the public is interested in where Sara Palin visit, but because news produces want more news to fill up the page and to make more profit. Now days, anything can be made news as long as there is a video and a story line that goes with it. Thus, the issue of profit motives serve big conglomerates interest and not the public nterest as it once was. News media definition have shifted from public interest news to profit motive news, from fair and truthful news to political bias and inaccurate news. We live in a time where newspapers are not sufficient anymore, internet and TV are easier to access and cost less. However, it is very difficult to supply enough news to fill a whole page of website and a whole hour of TV news. Thus, to make profit the internet and TV, big private conglomerates decided to soften the news content to occupy the extra time thats left from the real important news. News content became more politically biassed, more entertaining, and more profitable. News is being selectively â€Å"siding with those who have powers, position, and wealthy†(Parenti 54). By covering news, politics, weather, sports, entertainment, and vital events, the daily media shape the dominant cultural, social and political picture of our society, only, instead of the real important issues of the cultural, social, and political picture of our society. Works Cited New York Times Service. â€Å"Economists Question Accuracy of Picture from Economic Data. San Diego Union Tribune 9 Nov. 2009: A6. News War: What’s Happening to the News. Prods. Stephen Talbot and Lowell Bergman. Frontline. PBS. WGBH Educational Foundation, 2007. â€Å"Palin visits Florida town that feted her in 2008. † 24 Nov. 2009. MSNBC. 24 Nov. 2009 . Parenti, Michael. Inventing Reality. New York: St. Martin’s Press, 1993. New York Times Service. â€Å"Economists Question Accuracy of Picture from Economic Data. † San Diego Union Tribune 9 Nov. 2009: A6. â€Å"RAW DATA: Dick Cheney's Remarks to the Center for Security Policy. † 21 Oct. 2009. FOX News. 24 Nov. 2009 . News Media They are often misrepresented by editors in order to make them more appealing to the viewer. For example, take this Big Mac from McDonald's. Here, advertisers have used a false portrayal of the real Big Mac to manipulate It's viewers to want to the buy their product. Similarly to advertises misleading us, so too does the media In their depiction of conveying real life Issues and events through the use of language features. Good morning/afternoon fellow classmates, today I am here to discuss the misrepresentations displayed in news articles.Recently, there has been a controversy between bikes and Campbell Newsman's new anti-bike laws. In the articles titled This Brisbane man posted a menacing video warning the premier. Police say he's done nothing wrong' by Robin Ironsides, and ‘Senior police packing heat' by Thomas Chamberlain and David Murray, both authors convey an unfair representation of the groups of bikes within society. These groups are often marginal's and authors portr ay them negatively based upon stereotypes. Together, these articles demonstrate the Inaccurate representations of bless as minorities.The article Senior police packing heat' published by the Courier Mall on the 1 lath of November (201 3), describes the Queensland Police battle against the belle legislation. Through closer examination, It Is clear that the authors, Thomas Chamberlain and David Murray have created a biased depiction of motorcycle groups though the utilization of language techniques such as evaluative language, repetition and actions. The headings of newspaper articles are considered to be one of the most important aspects of the text as it aims to engage and catch the reader's attention.The title Senior police packing heat' is a great example of an attention grabbing heading; however, it incorporates a negative connotation about motorcycle groups. The phrase â€Å"packing heat,† is quite alarming as it coincides with the Queensland Police Union's action to take stand in preparation for their fight against the bless. Here, Chamberlain and Murray have stereotyped all forms of motorcycle gangs to perceive them as criminals, or Involved In criminal activity. As a result, the government has made legislations against the entire belle population to stop their true as motorcyclists in order to prevent violent and illegal acts.The authors have also used repetition and actions to clearly show Queensland bikes as an infamous group to reinforce to the reader about their destructive prominence in society. Through the actions of Commissioner Ian Stewart, Chamberlain and Murray have successfully showed the Queensland Police Unions considerations to â€Å"allow some district duty officers to carry RE . 223 carbines with telescopic sights in their vehicles. † â€Å"These are very, very high powered weapons and they need to be handled very, very ruefully. The repetition of â€Å"very,† emphasizes the dangers and threats posed to us by the bi kes and outlines how much care â€Å"SENIOR police† should take. This showcases that the people Involved in motorcycle groups are considered to be criminals and or Involved In criminal actively as their behavior in society Is alleged to be Illegal. Similarly, the article entitled ‘This Brisbane man posted a menacing video warning the Premier. Police say he's done nothing wrong' Published by the to Premier Campbell Newman and his family.However, after deconstructing the article, it is clearly shown that investigators could not identify any signs of criminal offence behind the menacing video. Through the utilization of language features such as emotive language and intensifiers, Ironsides has portrayed the offender as a mysterious man alleged to be involved in criminal activities. This emotive language is depicted in the second stanza of the article. Ironsides states that the â€Å"Queensland Police Service confirmed investigators† that the man responsible was not persecuted of any illegal acts.This indicates that the man behind the online video criticizing the State Governments â€Å"anti-bike laws† has not been found to commit any signs of criminal offence. Despite this, the author has created an undesirable representation of motorcycle minorities through the use of intensifiers. She writes that the â€Å"masked man† involved in the online video criticized the Vicious Lawless Association Disestablishment. † This implies that although the man was not committed of any lawless offence, he was assumed to be a dangerous figure in society.Here, the author has represented this group of people in a negative manner through a careful election of deceptive techniques. To reinforce this statement, Ironsides has incorporated a visual element in her article that portrays the alleged offender to have committed the series of threats to Campbell Newman and his family. This picture displays the masked man giving an inappropriate gesture t owards authority, therefore, reinforcing our negative perceptions of bike groups. Every day, journalists are entrusted with the task of delivering unbiased events and issues to the public.However, editors regularly bypass this expectation, and instead serpentine the story to what was actually being conveyed in order to manipulate readers to perceive something the way they want you to. This technique was used by Robin Ironsides in her article titled ‘This Brisbane man posted a menacing video warning the Premier. Police say he's done nothing wrong,' and Thomas Chamberlain and David Murray in their article ‘Senior police packing heat'. In these articles both authors have represented bike minorities in a bias and negative manner. They have portrayed all motorcyclists groups as criminals who are involved in illegal activities.

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War On Terrorism And Terrorism - 875 Words

War on Terrorism The most current and imminent threat to the future of the United States is foreign terrorism, which occurs primarily outside the US territory, due to the increasing development in weapons of mass destruction. Although, the US in the last two decades has seen an increase of terrible acts of terrorism here in own country. These foreign and domestic entities utilize intimidation and violence for their political gain or religious beliefs, by instilling fear in innocent lives. Terrorists also utilize suicide bombing and cyber-attacks in their trail of torment. The United States is a target of these acts due to our magnitude and authority, and it is imperative that our Nations security is vigilant and constantly prepared at a moment’s notice to maintain our safety. Prior to September 11, 2001, terrorist activity produced a wave of attacks on the â€Å"United States’ marine barracks in Lebanon in 1983, the World Trade Center in 1993, American embassies in Ke nya and Tanzania in 1998, and the USS Cole in 2000† (397). Assassinating important individuals or small number of people was the focus of early terroristic attacks. On September 11, 2001, the World Trade Center towers in New York buckled after they were hit by an al-Qaeda organization that seized the airplanes. Osama bin Laden, was the leader of the militant Islamic terrorist group that lead the attacks. The group proceeded with one plane that crashed into the Pentagon near Washington, D. C., and a fourthShow MoreRelatedThe War On Terrorism And Terrorism1614 Words   |  7 Pagesthat Islam has been consistently portrayed by global media as a violent-prone religion that is diametrically opposed to the West. Since then so-called â€Å"War on Terrorism, â€Å"against a vague and undefined enemy, rages on in from Iraq to Syria. Since September 11, 2001, the United States has initiated a number of wars in Muslim countries. These wars, which would be more correctly called massacres, have resulted in the deaths of countless innocent Muslims. Despite there are many ways to see that MuslimsRead MoreThe War On Terrorism And Terrorism1231 Words   |  5 PagesIntroduction: Thesis: Since the attack that started September 11, 2001, the War on Terrorism has added a sense of fear into American’s daily lives. 11 September 2001; this date will have the same mentality as 7 December 1941 for as long as history is studied. Thousands of Americans woke up that day as if it was just another Tuesday. Americans boarded flights, drove to work, and went with their lives when chaos struck. Flight 11, the airplane that hit the North Tower and Flight 175 crashed intoRead MoreGlobal War On Terrorism And Terrorism1367 Words   |  6 PagesGlobal War On Terrorism   Ã‚  Ã‚   The attack executed in the United States on September 11, 2001 was one of the worst attacks and acts of war ever seen in U.S. history. On that day 2,996 innocent people were killed, over 6,000 people were injured, and about $10 billion in structural and infrastructure damages was caused. The cost added up to $3 trillion in total.   Ã‚  Ã‚   The Global War on Terrorism is a metaphor of war referring to the global military campaign led by the United States of America. The war isRead Morewar and terrorism833 Words   |  4 Pagesï » ¿P3: Outline the terrorism methods used by key terrorist organisations Terrorism is an act that threatens or carries out violence with the intention to disrupt, kill or coerce against a body or nation in order to impose will. This means that a lot of groups use this method to get what they want. The groups use a variety of methods, groups such as: Al Qaeda, who mainly use suicide bombing methods, this is good, because it means there are lots of deaths. This leads to scare and forcing the GovernmentRead MoreWar on Terrorism769 Words   |  4 PagesThe War On Terrorism Every morning, millions of people around the world begin their day by reading the newspaper. News topics are constantly discussed in everyday life and remain the dominant topic of conversation between friends, family, and even strangers. It is our responsibility as a modern society to recognize all events that impact our lives and make others aware of them, and newspapers as well as the general media allow us this opportunity. The New York Times, a worldwide newspaper, offersRead MoreEssay The War on Terrorism1599 Words   |  7 Pages The war on terrorisms nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;The war on terrorisms has had many lost souls, this war has been the most expensive war is history and not a lot of countries are in favor of it. Because of the terror attacks on September 11, the president of the United States George W Bush and his government has spent hundreds of billions of dollars trying to protect their county and finding terrorist on other countries. (Picture 1) Terrorism is the affected, use of violence to bring forthRead MoreWar On Terror And Terrorism1300 Words   |  6 PagesWar on Terror After the incident of September 11, 2001, War on Terror became a serious problem. That attack made huge effects on U.S government and many other countries. Many innocent people lost their lives because of those terrorists. No one knows if an incident like the one on September 11 will happen again, but we have to know that â€Å"we are the primary target†. According to Patrick Coaty’s â€Å"War on Terror,† the terrorism has been developed throughout history. So that people should know to fightRead MoreThe Construction Of The War On Terrorism1103 Words   |  5 Pagessociety is characterized as â€Å"terrorism.† In the context of international relations, terrorism is one of the most challenged definitions. The term â€Å"terrorism† is politically and emotionally charged, which has made it difficult for the international community to develop a universally agreed upon definition. In a general sense, terrorism can be expressed as the use or threatened use of force against civilians to provoke political or social change. Shared elements of terrorism also include that it is politicalRead MoreAmerica And The War On Terrorism1621 Words   |  7 PagesAmerica and the War on Terrorism The â€Å"War on Terror† began from the attacks on the World Trade Center in New York City, New York, the Pentagon in Washington D.C., and in Pennsylvania on September 11, 2001 (9/11). The current president at the time was newly elected President George W. Bush in which he gave a speech announcing the infamous â€Å"War on Terror†. This an on-going war and its effects are being felt today. Before knowing what the Global War on Terror looks like, it is necessary to defineRead MoreThe War On Terror : Terrorism2256 Words   |  10 PagesCharles Reece Johnson Irons Discourse 200 November 5, 2014 The War on Terror Introduction The war on terror is not easy to define partly due to its vagueness and unsparing use of rhetorical device to justify any action of military perpetrated after the 9/11. However, the The war on terror, in its original intent, is a series of initiatives that seek to reduce or eliminate terrorism in the world. In this perspective, terrorism is the deliberate exploitation and creation of fear through threat and